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Jorge Masvidal says he would have ‘jumped all over’ Leon Edwards if he was Nate Diaz

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Jorge Masvidal would have pounced on Leon Edwards at UFC 263.

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Jorge Masvidal would have ‘jumped all over’ Leon Edwards in the fifth round of his welterweight bout with Nate Diaz at UFC 263, claiming the latter lacked a sense of urgency after hurting (and almost finishing) ‘Rocky’ in the final round of the fight.

“Those milliseconds in that particular incident where Leon was at, that’s like a lifetime, I’m not even exaggerating,” Masvidal, who holds a TKO win over Diaz, said of the matchup on a recent episode of the How U Livin J Piven podcast (h/t Harvey Leonard of MMA News). “Any one more shot might be the end of him for a long time. It’s just that one shot at the right place. Me personally, I would have jumped all over him.”

Edwards walked away with the unanimous decision win but Diaz stole the show after almost snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in the fifth. ‘Gamebred’ compared the matchup to his own welterweight bout with Diaz, boasting about finishing the latter in a more dominant, memorable victory in the eyes of the fans.

“After fighting Nate and seeing how much damage I did to Nate and how easy I did it, he realized there’s several layers between me and you (Edwards),” Masvidal said. “He doesn’t wanna fight…they’ve asked him a couple of times; he’s not mentioning my name right now. And I get it man, he knows…when I get in there (the Octagon), I know to deliver the best experience to the fans and everybody watching. And to further myself from the pack, to separate myself from the pack, I have to be as violent as possible.”

“I don’t really come to mess around. And Leon was kinda messing around. And so was Nate in there; just pointing at him, this and that. He knows that I’m gonna try and take your head off every second of the fight. My gas tank is better than his. And now he knows it for a fact. I crack, and hard. He never hurt Nate Diaz in that fight. I hurt Nate Diaz left and right. He knows, man, I can crack when I let them (hands) go.”

Masvidal hasn’t fought since his knockout defeat to Kamaru Usman in their welterweight title rematch at UFC 261. The BMF titleholder is currently #6 in the UFC 170 pound rankings.