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Video: Jake Paul tries, fails to snatch Tyron Woodley’s cap at the weigh-ins

Jake Paul keeps trying to get under Tyron Woodley’s skin, This time he used chicken fingers, and hat stealing at the weigh-ins.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jake Paul’s antics, I envy you. If you are familiar, then you’ve seen this spectacle before. Before Floyd Mayweather’s bout with his brother, Logan, Jake snatched Floyd’s baseball cap, prompting a brawl soon after.

Jake then joked about Floyd sending hitmen after him, proclaiming, “if I die, I died for the hat.” I don’t know if that’s funny, ironic, or tragic, but Jake decided to take a page out of his edgelord playbook, and tried to steal Woodley’s hat at the weigh-ins.

The non-brawl starts at 3:46. The whole scene is fairly bizarre. Before the hat snatch, Paul takes out a box of Raising Cane’s because “chicken fingers, Tyron’s a ‘chicken,’ makes sense.”

After Paul takes a few bites of the juicy, powdered chicken tender, Woodley walks up to him, and that’s when the two have to be separated. It’s all fairly tame, and rote. Woodley may be cashing in a check for this, but he’s got the cantankerous old man vibe going. “I’m about to hurt him. In a way he never felt before,” Woodley added at the weigh-ins.

I kind of believe him. The two had a much more violent confrontation on Showtime’s face to face.