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Did Jake Paul’s training partners rat him out? Tyron Woodley claims Paul’s PED use was leaked

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul sat face-to-face ahead of their boxing match. It got heated, and also a bit petty.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley sat face to face in an interview to help promote their upcoming boxing match. In the middle of all those insults, and even a lot of pettiness, was a pretty serious accusation about performance enhancing drugs.

Woodley insinuated that people in Paul’s camp have leaked his PED use. The former UFC champion says he ultimately doesn’t care as he’s beaten a lot of steroid users in his career, but seems to have brought it up to see how Paul reacts.

Here’s the exchange:

Woodley: Speaking of bumps, those little bumps on you have on your face kinda alarm me. You wouldn’t happen to be taking PEDs, are you?

Paul: Listen, if you want to build an excuse right now.

Woodley: No, I’m just asking. I’m just wondering. I’m looking at your face, you have all this rage, and acting all unorthodox. Those are the signs of the PEDs.

Paul: I’m enraged? I’m not enraged at all.

Woodley: Are you taking PEDs?

Paul: No sir.

Woodley: Not at all? Okay.

Paul: No sir. We’re getting drug tested, are we?

Woodley: You got a couple of people in your camp that you might want to uh, evaluate. See how silent they are.

Paul: Are we getting drug tested or are we not? They’re building an excuse, I love that.

Woodley: I don’t need excuses, I’ve beaten a lot of people on steroids. (laughs) I take it as it’s flattering that you got to take an extra supplement to raise your level to where I’m at. I don’t care if you’re on horse tranquilizers, steroids, or if you get a whole new body from Walmart, you’re still getting slept.

Paul of course hasn’t failed a drug test in his short boxing career. He also repeatedly brought up that they will both be tested by the athletic commission as his defense.

It’s not the first time the YouTuber has been accused to taking illegal substances though. MMA coach Firas Zahabi also brought it up, saying that the absence of USADA and the flimsy drug testing protocols for the fight is why he believes Paul is “definitely” on PEDs.

Paul has also responded to “wanker” Zahabi and claimed he “had to Google what PEDs are.”