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Jake Paul: My team was ‘in the wrong,’ but ‘we’re not sorry’ for presser fracas with Woodley

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Jake Paul is “not sorry at all” for the riot that broke out between his team and Tyron Woodley after Thursday’s pre-fight press conference.

Less than 72 hours away from the third Paul brother boxing spectacle for 2021, all hell nearly broke loose. After Thursday’s pre-fight presser, members of team Jake Paul almost went at it with Tyron Woodley. It happened after an alleged confrontation involving the former UFC champ’s mother, who was in attendance.

“The Problem Child” seemed detached from the entire fracas, at least on the videos that went around. But he did have an exclusive sitdown with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn to give his thoughts on the incident that had just transpired.

Like I said earlier, this is Women’s Equality Day. So it’s like, if there’s literally anything else… I’m just sitting here talking about how much I love my mom, how much I love my girlfriend. And of course, there has to be (an) altercation involving females. It sucks.

And just everything about it just looks messy. We’re trying to have a professional event here, and now things are more personal. We’ll probably need more security in all these places, and things just aren’t cordial anymore. So tensions will definitely be higher going into this fight.

Paul now says the fight is more personal, and he plans on doing something about it on Sunday night.

It’s more personal for me, too. Just seeing his team act the way they did. And by the way, they’re probably sitting there saying the same thing. Cool, he wants to get all gangster. But they were also being super disrespectful.

My team is professional. Were they in the wrong? Yeah. But they’re never just gonna come out of pocket and just act up like that. So there had to be something that built it up, and then, boom. It explodes. So everything’s more personal and I’ll make him and his team pay for that.

Paul may have admitted some shortcomings from his team, but as far as regretting what happened, the 24-year-old says it’s far from happening.

Hell no. We’re not sorry. Not sorry at all. Should we not have done it? Maybe. But we’re not sorry.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley will take place on August 29 at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland.