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BKFC champ details COVID-19 complications from hospital bed: I went five years without getting sick

Luis Palomino says he took good care of his body and thought only elderly people needed the vaccine.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship - Lombard vs. Mundell Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

BKFC champion and MMA veteran Luis Palomino is currently dealing with serious health issues stemming from a particularly tough battle with COVID-19.

The WSOF and Bellator veteran is currently hospitalized, and he detailed the complications he had two weeks after contracting the virus.

“12 days no food, sips of water, massive headaches, body aches, fevers from day one still going today, shiver attacks, no sleeps longer than 2/3 hours, inflammation of the pancreas, diarrhea pure water just started to calm down with medication,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Diabetes just popped up from all the steroids (they’re) pumping me with and took my first ever insulin shots. The list goes on.”

Palomino, who just defended his BKFC title for the second time last June, was struggling to speak and breathe normally in a video he released from his hospital bed. He spoke about his health issues, hoping others won’t repeat the same mistake as he did.

“The real reason for this video is to inform you guys from my own experiences. I spent the last five years of my life without getting sick, by simply taking care of my body and my immune system,” Palomino said.

“Delta caught me slipping. That’s exactly what happened. My five year streak was broken really bad.”

The fighter says he contracted the virus after drinking with friends and celebrating his recent engagement. He didn’t think he needed the vaccine as he was fit, healthy and didn’t even get sick for years.

“I want to let you guys know this thing is very serious. I was completely against the vaccine except for elders and kids that are young and still have weak immune systems. That I was never against. I always encouraged the elders to get the vaccine, my mom for example, family members, friends. I always agreed that they should always take the vaccine. Now I encourage you all to take it. Pfizer, FDA approved. As soon as I’m out of here, my entire family... we’ll be taking it. At least it will keep you from dying.

“I spent 12 days without eating. Barely being able to drink anything. What I drank, I pooped out. Turns out, seven days of inflammation of the pancreas, high fevers, shivers, massive endless headaches. This thing nearly got me,” he said. “Don’t play with this stuff, guys. Get vaccinated.”

Palomino has 43 MMA fights to his name, and has fought in various promotions such as Bellator and WSOF, where he had two wars and FOTY contenders against Justin Gaethje. He has wins over the likes of Jorge Masvidal, Daron Cruickshank, and Gesias Cavalcante.

He is also currently undefeated at 4-0 as a bareknuckle boxer, where he picked up BKFC title wins over UFC vets Isaac Vallie-Flagg and Jim Alers.

Palomino is based in Florida, a state which has the most COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths per capita in the US.