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Dustin Poirier: I’m living rent free in Conor McGregor’s head

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Dustin Poirier has shrugged off the latest social media outbursts of Conor McGregor. 

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Dustin Poirier is unperturbed by the tweet-and-delete attacks from Conor McGregor.

Poirier and McGregor shared the Octagon for what was presumably the third and final time this past July at UFC 264. Poirier earned his second straight technical knockout victory over McGregor after the Irishman broke his leg following an awkward exchange toward the end of the first round. McGregor then infamously launched into a tirade against Poirier and his family during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

That tirade has essentially spilled over into social media with McGregor still throwing the occasional verbal jab at Poirier, who engaged in a back-and-forth with him earlier this week. During a recent ESPN+ Q&A session with Laura Sanko, Poirier was asked to respond to McGregor and the social media outbursts he has been a frequent target of.

“It doesn’t really bother me — I don’t really care,” said Poirier. “Its just when I think about [it] in hindsight, like today, I was thinking about it like, ‘The guy’s probably losing his mind.’ He can’t really train. He’s got a hurt leg he’s trying to rehab. Rent free. I’m just living rent free [in his head].”

Poirier has indicated that a fourth fight with McGregor is indeed probable, but not anytime soon for a few reasons. The win over his rival cemented Poirier as the No. 1 contender in the lightweight division, which means that a championship fight with Charles Oliveira is likely to happen before the end of the year. Oliveira has said that he would like his first title defense to be in December.

Meanwhile, McGregor is in the middle of his recovery process and a return to action is expected sometime in 2022. The former two-division champion has provided positive updates on his recovery and stated that he is “well ahead of schedule” after a recent doctor’s appointment.