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KSW puts UFC to shame with movie-style fight promo

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KSW 63 gets the Hollywood blockbuster treatment by the Polish MMA powerhouse.

KSW 63: Roberto Soldić vs Patrik Kincl promo
KSW 63: Roberto Soldić vs Patrik Kincl promo

Polish MMA outfit KSW have never been afraid to experiment.

The promotion remains wildly popular in Poland and surrounding countries, outdrawing the UFC on some occasions. KSW is known to create a spectacle, both with match-making and with the production around their events.

And with KSW 63 around the corner, the company has shown yet again that they are willing to try something different (and have some fun) with their fight promotion. They’ve done this by producing a movie-style promo video, the likes of which we’d never see from the ultra-serious UFC and the other companies who try to mimic them.

Check out the clip below to see just how KSW are trying to get you excited for their next show and their headliner.

In the video Roberto Soldic, KSW’s welterweight champion, is portrayed as a prison inmate. His interrogator is played by his opponent Patrik Kincl. The pair go back and forth in a scene that mixes police procedural, film noir and fight highlights.

KSW 63: Crime of the Century goes down on September 4. In addition to the welterweight title fight the event also hosts Pawel Pawlek vs. Damien Janikowski and Antun Racic vs. Jakub Wiklacz.