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‘Pretender’ Jake Paul roasted by fans following release of ‘atrocious’ training footage

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Jake Paul gets roasted on social media — and not for his trash talk.

Jake Paul is just one week away from the biggest fight of his life but, if his latest training footage is anything to go by, the YouTube star is seriously unprepared to take on former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley.

Paul was roasted on social media after SHOWTIME released footage of the 3-0 boxer working the heavy bag ahead of his highly anticipated boxing match with Woodley on Aug. 29.

One boxing fan labelled Paul’s boxing atrocious (h/t Sport Bible): “Jake still has no clue how to box. That right hand is atrocious. Hands down, doesn’t bring his guard back up. It’s slow and telegraphed. As soon as he fights a boxer he’s done. Even an amateur boxer would nail him.”

While another recommended learning the basics like how to throw a right cross: “I’d recommend some boxing lessons. They’re not that expensive and you can learn a few basic things like how to throw a right cross.”

Other critics were keen to point out the disparity in skill between Paul and the boxer to his left, unified featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano. Serrano has been brought in to help the 24-year-old prepare for ‘T-Wood’.

“Look at the difference in the two boxers. The pro is tight and efficient whilst the pretender telegraphs his punches and almost breaks his own leg, atrocious footwork. And he’s got Canelo in his sights lol?”

“Amanda’s form is impressive, kept her hand up after throwing the cross. Jake on the other hand, keep working lol...”

It is important not to use training footage as a metric for skill and talent but one can’t help but wonder if Paul might be in over his head against Woodley.

Woodley vs. Paul will headline the SHOWTIME Sports PPV on August 29 at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.