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UFC Vegas 34 video highlights: Jared Cannonier drops Kelvin Gastelum in decision win

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Check out the full fight video highlights of Jared Cannonier vs. Kelvin Gastelum from the UFC Vegas 34 main event.

The top of the UFC Vegas 34 billing was the setting where the promotion’s #3 rated 185-pounder, Jared Cannonier, got the best of the #9 rated, Kelvin Gastelum, on the scorecards. The bulk of this fight took place on the feet, in what was a rather high level chess match. This match was highly competitive throughout, with kicks and punches flying on both sides. The biggest moment of the bout came in the third round when Cannonier scored an early knockdown off of the strength of a hefty right hook. Props to Gastelum for springing right back up to his feet in a feat of extreme durability, but the night belonged to Jared. He keeps his spot atop the middleweight division, and moves one step closer to a potential title shot.

Check out our very own Kid Nate’s play-by-play of the third round between Jared Cannonier and Kelvin Gastelum:

Jared Cannonier vs Kelvin Gastelum Round 3

Cannonier lands! Right hook hurts Kelvin, he goes down. Quick recover after the knock down. Gastelum forces a clinch but eats a knee on the break. Gastelum covers up, Cannonier takes a shot or 2. Gastelum lands a combo that hurts Cannonier. Gastelum shoots, Cannonier stuffs it. Front kick from Cannonier. They trade and Cannonier lands an elbow. Both fighters seem tired. Gastelum constantly advancing. Cannonier circling away. Cannonier pressured into the cage as the round ends. I score that one for Cannonier.

Jared Cannonier def. Kelvin Gastelum by unanimous decision (48-47 x3) : Middleweight