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‘Leave my name out of your mouth’ — Bisping sends warning to McGregor following Twitter spat

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Michael Bisping tells Conor McGregor to leave his name out of his mouth.

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A bit of light banter between two of the UFC’s finest showmen turned sour after Conor McGregor dealt a low blow to Michael Bisping by dragging up the latter’s split with ex-team Wolfslair MMA.

McGregor accused Bisping, who used to train in the UK, of fleeing to the United States after Wolfslair came knocking at the Brit’s mom’s door over a financial dispute.

Bisping said McGregor’s account of the story is completely ‘unfactual and incorrect’ and warned the Irishman to keep ‘The Count’s’ name out of his mouth in the future.

“Number one, it’s hilarious because it’s completely unfactual and incorrect,” Bisping said on a recent episode of Believe You Me (h/t Louis Evans of Low Kick MMA). “Secondly, it’s even funnier because you’ve got no banter, you’re just gonna go straight for the personal, you’re gonna go straight for the jugular and come out with incorrect factual stuff.

“I don’t wanna keep it going, it’s kinda settled down now. But I just thought that one point I had to address. I couldn’t even do that on Twitter, there’s not enough characters!”

“Anyway, listen, McGregor, as I said the other day, rest up, heal up, get back in the Octagon and just leave my name out your mouth, pal.”

Bisping, 42, is currently retired, while McGregor, the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, is on the sidelines due to injury. ‘The Notorious’ broke his leg in a freak injury following an awkward stand-up exchange with Dustin Poirier in their blockbuster trilogy bout at UFC 264. McGregor lost the fight via first-round TKO (doctor’s stoppage).