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What’s getting deleted quicker, Conor’s tweets or his legacy? - Bisping and McGregor trade barbs

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Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping are beefing online.

UFC 246 Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Whether it’s a way to attract attention while injured, or if he’s really just not as “sharp” a self-promoter anymore, Conor McGregor has been on a bizarre tweet-and-delete spree after his second straight TKO loss. When not threatening people’s families, the former champion has seemingly been attacking just about anyone with even the mildest of criticism towards him.

Not long after he seemed to try and get Daniel Cormier fired, McGregor started beefing with another retired fighter turned commentator in Michael Bisping. He continued trading barbs with the former middleweight champion on Tuesday night, before quickly and predictably deleting those tweets as well.

As the exchange continued, McGregor responded by posting a photo of Bisping in a commercial airline, and bragged about flying private. Apart from boasting about being richer, McGregor also brought up Bisping’s mother.

“The only legacy I give a fuck about is the Legacy 5000 my mother flies around on,” McGregor wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Prior to this, Cormier told McGregor to “get off the internet,” because he has bigger things to worry about than what he says during his job commentator and analyst.