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Jake Paul’s ‘hit list’ of next opponents include UFC stars, Gervonta Davis, and his brother Logan

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Jake Paul’s “hit list” includes big-named fighters from boxing and MMA.

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has always dreamed big. And credit to “The Problem Child,” he was able to turn some of them into a reality.

The 24-year-old Paul brother is preparing for what’s currently the biggest fight of his career against Tyron Woodley. And if he does come out on top (which oddsmakers are favoring him to do so), he already has some potential next opponents in mind.

Jake released his “hit list” in a recent Instagram post, which includes some of the biggest names in both boxing and MMA. It also includes his brother Logan.

The Paul brothers have been toying with the idea of fighting each other for a while now. In a November episode of Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, Jake already declared it to be “one of the biggest things to ever happen.”

It’s bigger than the Klitschko brothers (fighting). Culturally, because of the diss tracks, because of our past, because of the audience, because of the storyline. It, for sure, could happen.

I know I would win. You’ve been podcasting for a year, I’ve been training.

For now, Jake (3-0) will have to focus on Woodley, whom he faces on August 29 under Showtime Boxing.