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Conor McGregor plans on ‘billi walking straight to a title shot’ upon UFC return

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“It sickens the bums of this business.”

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Conor McGregor is expecting a strong comeback in 2022. After having a titanium rod implanted in the left shinbone he injured at UFC 264, “The Notorious” feels ready to take on all comers.

And as always, McGregor loves to talk a big game. As the Irish sports star stated in a recent Twitter Q&A, he expects an immediate title fight upon his return.

“Possibly,” McGregor wrote about the chances of making a move to boxing. “The leg tho will be more than equipped to kick. I am billi walking straight to a title shot on my return and it sickens the bums of this business. Which is the real reason these constant disrespectful comments come by way. God bless them.”

Conor McGregor tweet billi walk title shot
A screenshot for posterity.

McGregor’s personal assessment of the newfound strength of his left leg was validated by ringside physician Dr. David Abbasi.

As for the instant title shot, logic may disagree based on his recent record. McGregor is only 1-3 since winning the lightweight belt and achieving “champ-champ” status five years ago. He never got to defend either of his titles, and he’s currently on a two-fight skid for the first time in his career, thanks to Dustin Poirier.

McGregor does have a few options once he’s cleared for a comeback. That includes a trilogy with Diaz, and possibly even a potential fourth fight with Poirier.