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‘Be quiet’ - Kamaru Usman claps back at Conor McGregor saying he’d ‘spark’ him

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Conor McGregor, future UFC welterweight champion? The current one begs to differ.

Conor McGregor tweeted something, someone responded, which means it’s news for you to react to.

Today’s edition is comparatively tame compared to what Conor has tweeted (and deleted) in recent weeks, but it’s nevertheless an eye-roller. The former two-division UFC champion responded to a fan who asked him in a Q&A, “What’s it like to spark people unconscious in three different weight divisions?” This is in reference to the fact that he has had knockout wins from 145-170 lbs.

McGregor’s response, without directly naming welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, was to say he would ‘spark him too’ if he fought for the title.

Usman caught wind of this and clapped back emphatically.

“Spark who??” Usman tweeted. “You must be talking about that pipe you’ve been smoking. Unlike you, if I’m gonna talk sh-t I’ll @ U. Now be quiet before I call Poirier or Khabib or Diaz to finish you again.”

McGregor (22-6) has had three fights at welterweight: A loss to Nate Diaz (4-6 career welterweight record), a win in the rematch, and a quick TKO of Donald Cerrone (6-7-1 at welterweight). In more recent times he’s been beaten twice in a row by Dustin Poirier, with the last one ending in a broken tibia that will sideline him for the long-term.

Usman (19-1) has also showcased some serious power in recent fights. Three of his four title defenses have ended by KO or TKO, none more violent and shocking than his demolition of Jorge Masvidal in their UFC 261 rematch in April. He is scheduled to rematch Colby Covington (whom he TKO’d in their first meeting) at UFC 268 in November. Oh yeah, and Usman is of course a phenomenal wrestler and grappler.

If this fight ever happens for some reason, one sportsbook has already installed Usman as an extremely heavy favorite.