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Conor McGregor fires back at Bisping, claims he collected commissions on his fights

Conor McGregor bashed his fellow Paradigm Sports clients on Twitter.

Since losing to Dustin Poirier for a second time in July, Conor McGregor has cut an increasingly desperate figure online. After being immobilized with a broken leg the Irishman has used his thumbs in an attempt to unnerve and antagonize his famous rivals.

As the weeks have gone on, though, McGregor’s outbursts online (some of which are swiftly deleted) have been spreading further afield. Recently some of McGregor’s ire was directed at former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

Those two bickered back and forth a little with Cormier telling McGregor not to worry about him and instead worry about those he might meet in the cage once he is cleared to compete.

And now another former champion is weighing on this disagreement. On his Believe You Me podcast Michael Bisping told McGregor, “careful what you wish for” and claimed that Cormier would pull McGregor “limb from limb” in a fight.

After McGregor was informed of those quotes during an impromptu AMA on Twitter, he fired back at ‘The Count’ with some interesting claims.

“Bisping is a nobody on Sirius xm,” wrote McGregor, referring to Bisping’s radio gig. “Rushed back to competition after being dropped/strangled and then gets shotgun slept by Gastelum’s left hand. Devastating. Even though I collect commission on all his fights, I still said to the team to pull the Gastelum fight. I knew it was coming.”

Bisping retired from MMA after a KO loss to Kelvin Gastelum in 2017. He took that fight 21 days after losing his UFC middleweight title to Georges St-Pierre (by technical submission) at UFC 217.

McGregor’s claim of taking a commission stems from the fact that both he and Bisping are represented by Audie Attar’s Paradigm Sports. It is not known if McGregor has any sort of ownership stake in Paradigm. However, McGregor and Attar have partnered in other business ventures, such as Eire Born Spirits—the creator of Proper Twelve whiskey.