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Results and video: John Riel Casimero keeps belt, decisions Guillermo Rigondeaux in terrible fight

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Watch video from the boxing match between John Riel Casimero and Guillermo Rigondeaux.

2016 IBF World Championship Bout Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

It was Guillermo Rigondeaux, then Nonito Donaire, then Guillermo Rigondeaux again. After some drama and opponent changes, John Riel Casimero finally stepped back in the ring on Saturday night.

Rigondeaux, a former two-division king, looked to unseat another Filipino champion and become champion again at 40-years-old, but it wasn’t exactly his best performance.

Rigondeaux got hurt — then hit with some questionable shots while on the ground — in the opening round. It was ruled a slip, but then spent the next 11 rounds on his bicycle. Casimero struggled cutting off the ring, and looked frustrated as he just winged and missed power shots throughout the contest.

Rigondeaux was still Ringondeaux and will never be mistaken for a crowd pleaser, but Casimero didn’t seem to know how to adjust and react to his style. It was hard to score as very little happened, and frankly, it was a particularly boring match that was deservedly booed on each round.

The bout ended in a split decision, with the Filipino retaining his WBO belt. Judges had it 115-113 Rigondeaux, 116-112 Casimero and 117-111 Casimero.

There was very few action after that initial slip, but I guess you can watch the very few notable exchanges below: