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Report: Jake Paul won’t be prosecuted for looting in wake of George Floyd murder case

Paul was filmed inside a Scottsdale shopping center while it was being looted in the wake of Floyd’s death. And while he was initially charged, it looks like he won’t be facing federal prosecution.

Jake Paul takes questions in front of a giant robot during a press conference for his boxing match with Tyron Woodley.
Jake Paul takes questions in front of a giant robot during a press conference for his boxing match with Tyron Woodley.
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Outside of his foray into celebrity boxing, the bulk of Jake Paul’s fame has come from his willingness to perform obnoxious stunts in public. He and his brother built their reputations off of viral Vine videos and YouTube pranks before Jake landed a part on a short run Disney series, Bizaardvark, playing Dirk Mann.

Paul and Disney split ways in July of 2020, following a series of incidents that garnered regular public backlash for the social media celebrity. That included a video that surfaced showing him touring a mall in Scottsdale, AZ as it was being looted in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

“Bunch of f-cking idiots, bro,” Paul could be heard saying in the video, to what appeared to be a group of police officers. “I walked right here – I walked right up to there – these idiots tear gassed me. I don’t give a sh-t bro. Look at them, pointing guns at me, pointing guns at me right now. Lookit, lookit, swear to god, no cap, that’s tear gas bro. F-ck you guys. Rest in peace George Floyd, f-ck you all.”

Paul was later charged with misdemeanor trespassing, and while local authorities decided not to pursue the case, they sent it on to federal authorities who raided Paul’s home and confiscated weapons back in August of last year. An FBI spokesperson told the Verge, at the time, that they were investigation “allegations of criminal acts” related to the what they called riot activity in Arizona.

If local authorities had dropped their case in hopes that a federal investigation would yield more serious consequences, however, it appears they’re now going to wind up disappointed. TMZ reported Thursday that federal prosecutors have dropped their case against Paul. Attorney David Chesnoff spoke to the outlet on behalf of Paul, saying that, “We are pleased that the US Attorney reached the conclusion that no charges should be filed.”

Paul is currently set to box former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a PPV event on Sunday, August 29th on Showtime. The match will be Paul’s fourth foray into professional boxing, coming off a first round starching of former Bellator and One Championship title holder Ben Askren back in April.