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Greg Hardy says Derrick Lewis is ‘an ex-con that doesn’t know when to shut up’

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Greg Hardy had some unpleasant things to say about Derrick Lewis during the recent UFC 264 media day.

Derrick Lewis has always been vocal about his dislike towards Greg Hardy. “The Black Beast” particularly isn’t pleased about Hardy’s much-publicized volatile past.

Here’s what Lewis said about “The Prince of War” in a 2018 interview:

He’s a wife-beater. I’d like to get in there with him. I like knocking these wife beaters out. Yeah, I’ll fight Greg Hardy. It’d be like vice versa of him beating all the women; I’ll be beating him like he’s a woman.

I grew up watching my mom and stepdad fight watching about every single damn day — fist fighting — for the stupid stuff. I don’t tolerate stuff like that at all.

Three years later, Hardy is firing back. As he readies himself to face Tai Tuvasa this weekend at UFC 264, the former Dallas Cowboys defensive end is already looking forward to a potential Octagon date with Lewis.

“Say my name, and I’mma come for you,” Hardy said during Wednesday’s UFC 264 media day. “The boss is gonna send me. And that’s a guy that wasn’t mentioned but decided to grace his fat, Popeye’s greasy chicken lips with my name when I was a peasant when I was a young child.

“What would it look like for me to attack somebody that just came up the Contender Series right now? You’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s childish!’ But you guys let that man gyrate, be a little mean? Nah, he needs to be handled.”

Hardy was apparently so irked, that he resorted to a more personal attack.

“He’s an ex-con that doesn’t know when to shut up. I’mma put him down when I need to. And of course, timing’s everything. I’m still not there yet. And I’m willing to admit that he’s the better man right now. But he’s still a fatty.”

In 2005, Lewis began a three-and-a-half-year jail stint for violating his probation from an aggravated assault charge in his high school years. Hardy has his fair share of run-ins with the law and is most infamously known for his 2014 domestic violence case. He may have avoided some jail time, but this is still quite rich coming from him.

Lewis currently has his hands full as he is lined up to fight Cyril Gane for the interim heavyweight title at UFC 265 on August 7. And Hardy already knows who he’s rooting for.

“I’m going for Cyril, bro. I can’t support fat. I can’t do it. He’s gelatinous, he’s lazy… I can’t root for him. Great fighter, but I refuse to do it.”