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UFC 264: Conor McGregor tries to pull Dustin Poirier’s wife into pre-fight drama

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Is ‘The Notorious’ clutching at straws in his attempts to rile up ‘The Diamond’?

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Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will meet in the Octagon for the third time this weekend. The main event of UFC 264 gives both man a chance to win their trilogy series and forever claim themselves as the superior fighter.

The first time they met, in 2014, there was plenty of trash talk back and forth. The second time they faced each other, this January, the bravado was replaced with an act of respect and honour.

This time around we’ve reverted to the old ways, with McGregor looking to gain an edge on his opponent with brash and facetious barbs fired over social media. Poirier has risen to the challenge and fired back with blunt claims about the Irishman’s abilities and confidence.

McGregor’s latest attempt to rile ‘The Diamond’ up is an innocuous screenshot that purports to reveal that, at some point, Poirier’s wife Jolie, attempted to send McGregor a message on Instagram.

What McGregor thinks this screenshot shows is a real mystery, though there are plenty of benign possibilities for why someone from Poirier’s camp might have messaged him.

In the lead up and aftermath of Poirier vs. McGregor 2 there was a lot of talk aboutcGregor donating to the Poiriers’ Good Fight Foundation. However, Poirier then accused McGregor of ‘ghosting’ and not responding to messages regarding the donation. This resulted in McGregor donating to a separate charity based in the Poirier’s home state of Louisiana.

One assumption you could make over this screenshot is that this might have been one of the Poiriers’ attempts to get in touch with McGregor.

This attempt at trash talk certainly ranks as one of McGregor’s least interesting or effective. One can’t help but imagine the former champion up late at night whittling down his battery power while scrambling for a good response to Poirier’s recent ‘reeks of insecurity’ dagger.

Even though there are just a few days left until these two meet in the cage, don’t expect the trash talk to slow down or stop anytime soon.