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UFC 264 midweek betting odds: Conor McGregor flips to underdog in Dustin Poirier trilogy

Check out the midweek betting odds for Saturday’s UFC 264 event, where Dustin Poirier is favored over Conor McGregor in their trilogy match.

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UFC 264 is just around the corner (July 10th) as “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is gearing up for his trilogy match against Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier in the card’s headliner. The score stands at one a piece, with McGregor taking the first meeting, and Poirier claiming victory in the second. Bloody Elbow is here to provide the betting lines for this third encounter, as well as for the rest of the UFC 264 lineup.

When the betting odds first dropped for this PPV main event, it was Conor who was favored over Dustin. He started out with a moneyline of -136, with Poirier clocking in with an initial underdog offering of +116. Since then, McGregor has flipped to an underdog value of +100, while Poirier has shifted into the favored role at -122. With these current betting lines, a successful $100 bet on Conor would see a total return of $200, with the same size gamble on Poirier potentially paying out $181.97.

The first time these athletes went at it was at UFC 178 way back in 2014. McGregor was a -280 betting favorite to Poirier’s +240 dog tag. Conor swiftly won that bout by knockout at just 1:46 into the fight. Their second scuffle took place at UFC 257 in January of this year. McGregor was heavily favored at -310, with a +250 comeback on Poirier. It was Dustin who won that fight, pulling off the knockout midway through the second round. What, if anything, will be different this time around?

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Be sure to check back in with Bloody Elbow to catch the final betting odds on fight day, as the moneylines tend to shift a bit following the weigh-ins. Be sure to subscribe to our Bloody Elbow Presents YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our podcast content. Happy hunting!