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Video: No one seems to know who won this Muay Thai fight

It took three attempts, but we think the correct winner was announced. 

Video: No one seems to know who won this Muay Thai fight
Video: No one seems to know who won this Muay Thai fight

You all have heard the proverb (or some variation of it), “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”, right? Well, those words were truly taken to heart by a cage announcer at Budo Sento Championship 3 this past weekend.

Budo Sento Championship (BSC) — a promotion based out of Mexico — held an event over a span of three days that featured different disciplines of mixed martial arts. On Friday, a card dedicated only to Muay Thai took place and a fight between Hector Valenzuela and Martin Navarro happened. Valenzuela and Navarro went the distance and needed the judges’ scorecards to determine the winner. The winner was determined, but it took some time to get it right.

Valenzuela and Navarro are standing in the middle of the cage, waiting for the scorecards to be read. The cage announcer begins reading them and says the scores are 30-27, 28-29 and 29-28 for a split decision in favor of the blue corner, which Valenzuela is in. However, the referee raised the hand of Navarro, who is in the red corner, before quickly rectifying his mistake and raising the hand of Valenzuela.

Confusion immediately sets in as the announce team was certain that Navarro should have been declared the winner. So, the cage announcer comes back into the cage and gives a correction. The referee raises the hand of Navarro again before it was fully read, but it is the same decision and Valenzuela is still announced as the winner. The announce team once again says they believe that Navarro, not Valenzuela, is the winner and another correction is given.

The third and final one is read and Valenzuela is announced as the winner, with the referee officially raising his hand. Valenzuela and Navarro share a laugh and another embrace in the center of the cage before finally leaving.

You can watch the very awkward, yet humorous moment below, courtesy of Twitter user Caposa.

The announce team continued to question the decision, but it is recorded as a win for Valenzuela.