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Bas Rutten comments on Joe Schilling’s bar fight: ‘I wouldn’t have done it’

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The former UFC heavyweight champion has his own reputation as a master bar fighter, but it doesn’t sound like he was too impressed by Schilling’s recent video.

Bas Rutten attends a UFC fan event in 2017.
Bas Rutten attends a UFC fan event in 2017.
Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Joe Schilling’s latest entry into the public discourse has been a controversial one. The former Glory kickboxing tournament winner and Bellator fighter recently posted a video of a barroom altercation with an Outback Steakhouse busboy named Justin Balboa. In the video, Schilling appeared to push his way past a seemingly inebriated Balboa, who then got into a confrontation with Schilling. An altercation that resulted in the longtime pro fighter knocking Balboa unconscious with a quick combination.

Along with posting the video on his personal Instagram page, Schilling claimed that Balboa had made racist remarks to a bar employee and had been antagonizing him throughout the evening. A police report filed on the incident stated that the bar manager and multiple other patrons said Balboa was “extemely intoxicated and had possibly made an improper remark about the girlfriend/wife of the male who struck him...”

Former UFC heavyweight champion – and bar fight legend – Bas Rutten recently gave his two cents on the matter in an interview with MMA Fighting. And while Rutten feels Balboa may have “kind of deserved it,” given Schilling’s explanation of the man’s alleged behavior, Rutten also made it clear that it’s a situation he would have handled much differently.

“For me, I don’t, not against a civilian,” Rutten explained. “In that situation, I wouldn’t have done it. I’m happy that it came out that he used to beat his exes, because I personally wouldn’t have done it. With me, they’re going to have to throw the first punch. Otherwise, I don’t do anything. And most of the time when I see they’re drunk, I’m not even going to fight. I might, if he really...put him in a choke. Just choke him out, put him on his side, call the cops.

“But listen, I’ve been drunk a lot in my life also. I don’t like to be the person – this guy knew what he was doing, obviously, what he was doing. But if somebody’s really drunk, why would I bash his face in? The next day he wakes up and doesn’t remember what happened. Yeah, I’m not into that.”

Following widespread reports on the incident, it appears Schilling may be potentially facing a charge of misdemeanor battery. Balboa also reportedly told police that he was planning to file a civil suit against the bar where the incident happened.