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Colby Covington says teammates ‘exposed’ Jake Paul in training, backs Tyron Woodley via KO

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Colby Covington thinks Tyron Woodley will KO Jake Paul on Aug. 29.

Colby Covington is backing Tyron Woodley to KO Jake Paul in their upcoming boxing match on Aug. 29.

“I think (Tyron) Woodley could do it (beat Jake Paul),” Covington said during a recent interview with James Lynch of MMA News (h/t “I think he could land a knockout punch and get it done.“

The reason Covington is so confident in Woodley is because, according to ‘Chaos’, Paul has been ‘exposed’ as a phoney in training.

Covington, who beat Woodley via fifth-round stoppage at UFC Fight Night 178, claims his teammates at Colby Covington Inc. put a beating on Paul behind closed doors and that the YouTube star crumbles against elite-level competition.

“I’ve had some guys at the gym, Colby Covington Inc. and MMA Masters, that have went (sic) to train with Jake Paul in Miami (Florida),” Covington said. “They’ve all kind of said the same information, that they went there, they exposed him, they made him look bad. Of course, they turned the cameras off and they’re not taking pictures that day and they never invite these guys back because Jake ‘The Snake’ Paul only wants kids that he can beat up and knock out and boost his ego and his confidence.“

“He doesn’t actually want guys that are going to push him in the gym and make him better, because, like (sic) we’ve said before, he’s not a real fighter,” Covington continued. “He’s a little Disney star.”

Paul vs. Woodley will take place at a SHOWTIME Sports event on Aug. 29 at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.