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Fight Archives: Uriah Hall introduces himself to the MMA world with sheer brutality

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A rewind to that moment when most of us likely first heard about Uriah Hall.

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For someone who has yet to fully break into the mainstream, Uriah Hall sure has several claims to fame already. UFC 261, of course, is the freshest memory, but he’s also the guy who retired the great Anderson Silva and dealt Gegard Mousasi one of his rare losses.

But if you’ve been following this sport for way longer, your top-of-mind moment likely goes back to 2013, during the 17th installment of the Ultimate Fighter reality show. When Hall landed what Dana White considers as “one of the nastiest knockouts” he’d ever seen “in the fight business.”

And that isn’t at all hyperbolic from the bossman, because to this day, this one’s still difficult to watch. It’s easy to understand how Hall went from jubilant, hungry competitor to human being in a snap. I’m sure you all felt that “Sorry, Adam” as much as I did.

On Saturday, “Prime Time” will make his second Octagon appearance for the year against Sean Strickland. It’s one of those rare weekends when a UFC Fight Night could easily be eclipsed by a competing event, so here’s the full clip of Hall’s traumatizing finish of Adam Cella.