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Covington accuses Usman of PED use ahead of rematch: ‘He’s been doing EPO his whole career’

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“He’s been doing EPO his whole career. It’s so obvious.”

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Colby Covington has once again accused Kamaru Usman of using PEDs ahead of their targeted welterweight title rematch at UFC 268, blasting ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ for using EPO ‘his whole career.’

Covington doubled down on claims made in 2019 when ‘Chaos’ accused Usman and his entire team of rampant steroid use. This time, the former interim welterweight champ claims Usman has a ‘chemical imbalance’ evidenced by the ‘pimples all over his back’.

“He’s been doing EPO his whole career. It’s so obvious,” Covington told Submission Radio in a recent interview (h/t Jordan Ellis of Low Kick MMA). “His chemical imbalance, his body. He’s got the pimples all over his back, all over his face. You’re a 35-year old man, you’re not going through puberty like you’re in your teens anymore. You should not be having that chemical imbalance and that breakout. That’s from his testosterone being out of whack, and his estragon and his testosterone levels being out of whack. So, he is the CEO of EPO. I’ve heard firsthand from some people that he trained with, some people that I might’ve went to wrestle in college with that said the same thing. They could verify that he has done EPO and he’s injected in his ass. So, he’s the CEO of EPO, he’s Marty Juiceman.”

Covington suffered a fifth-round stoppage loss to Usman in their previous title bout at UFC 254 but maintains there’s ‘not a steroid in the world’ that can stop him winning the rematch in October.

“No, because I’ve felt it before. I know what it comes to the table,” Covington said. “I know he’s gonna be doing it. There’s ways to get around the tests. They’re not blood testing, they’re doing a piss test here and there. They’re not gonna blood test him, they’re gonna let him get away with it. But you’ve gotta live with that the rest of your life. You gotta live with that on your conscience, that you had to cheat your whole way through your career. I know I’m all-natural American. I work the hard way. You know, blue collar. Earned it. Blood sweat and tears. This is earned to the very core, to the very root naturally. I didn’t cheat, I didn’t cut corners. I took the long way to get here. So, he has to live with that. He’s gonna have problems later in life. His organs, all that stuff’s gonna shut down. He’s taking years off his life. But that’s the choice that he has to live with. And if that’s what he wants to do, that’s what he’s gonna do. But you cannot stop destiny. And this is destiny. November 6th is destiny. Colby Chaos Covington will be the UFC welterweight champion of the world, and there’s not a steroid in the world that can stop it.”

Usman vs. Covington II is expected to headline the upcoming UFC 268 pay-per-view on Nov. 6 in Madison Square Garden, New York City.