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Gilbert Burns reveals he actually likes Nate Diaz following Twitter spat: ‘He’s freaking funny’

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“Even though I don’t think he can be a champion anymore, but he’s freaking entertaining”.

Gilbert Burns and Nate Diaz may have had their differences on social media, but ‘Durinho’ admits it’s impossible not to like the latter.

Burns recently labelled Diaz a ‘bitch ass fake gangster’ after the Stockton local snubbed him on Twitter and, although harsh words were exchanged, Burns admits he’s actually a Diaz fan and loves watching him fight.

“I like him. He’s freaking funny. He’s pretty entertaining,” Burns told MMA Junkie’s John Morgan in a recent interview (h/t MMA News). “I’m not gonna [say], ‘oh I don’t like him,’ no I like him, I watch him. Even though I don’t think he can be a champion anymore, but he’s freaking entertaining. I like the guy. I’m not gonna be the one, ‘oh I’m not gonna watch him,’ no I watch him, bro. He’s really funny that guy, even the way he talks.”

Burns would love to lock horns with Diaz in the octagon but doesn’t believe the fight will ever come to fruition, unfortunately.

“He was the one who started talking mad crap about me when I fought Kamaru, posted the Dan Hooker loss and I was just like, ‘man maybe that guy wants to fight me.’ And I just realized that he don’t wanna fight me. It is what it is, I like the guy. I don’t think he’s ever gonna fight me, to be honest, but you know what, I was just having fun yesterday. I like it, I like it.”

Burns recently beat Stephen Thompson via unanimous decision to maintain his position in the top-three UFC welterweight rankings. The Brazilian will likely go on to face Leon Edwards in a title eliminator before facing the winner of Usman vs. Covington II.