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Hector Lombard explains why he squared up to Tyron Woodley at BKFC event

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Current BKFC champ Hector Lombard is not pleased with former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

UFC Fighter Reacts to Bare Knuckle Fighting

At Friday night’s BKFC 19: VanZant vs. Ostovich, BKFC cruiserweight champ Hector Lombard came face-to-face with former ATT teammate Tyron Woodley. However, the meeting was less than cordial. ‘Showeather’ was captured on video telling the former UFC welterweight champ that he wanted to fight him over some inter-personal drama involving someone he termed as his “side chick”.

Lombard has provided a long explanation of this situation on his Instagram. In it he claims that he was seeing two women at once and that one of them was a fellow fighter at ATT. Lombard said that the fighter he was dating injured her knee and that Woodley offered to help her wrap it. Lombard then claimed that Woodley badmouthed him while spending time with this woman.

You can check out Lombard’s entire tale below:

After so many years, finally I got to see this clown twooodley face to face.

He was calling me across the ring waving etc. I asked him to come over, so he did. Once he did I wanted to slap him in the face, but I contained myself because I have respect for @davidfeldmanbkfc

But let me tell you guys how the beef started…

A while ago I had a girlfriend and things were going really bad between us. And I had a relationship with with another girl at the gym and yes I was wrong for doing that but I’m not perfect in any shape of form. I’m not going to mention who but

this clown sent me a text.

Saying that while she was training she messed up her knee.

And that he was really good at wrapping, that he had experience in those types of injuries etc.

I gave him her number and I told her Tyrone says that he wants to help you, he is going to wrap your knee etc. Are you okay with that? and she says yes, No problem as long I can get better.

After that he was trying in her for a week and a half by bashing me telling her how come Hector is in Louisiana with his girlfriend and you’re here, that’s so wrong that no one likes Hector at the gym, so on and so on!

Putting me down so he could get his d..k wet. Meanwhile he was married with 4 kids etc. pure bullshit @liboriobjj begged me to leave it alone because he would lose his family if his wife found out what happened. He lost it anyways for doing the same

I have everything on text.

This clown acts like he is a street guy etc.

No you’re not! lucky you and lucky me I found out you was gone! Remember when I called you and you were at the airport??

Funny how he was apologizing to me, sending me bible stories… you fake!

Everything is starting to unfold…

The truth is finally starting to come out!

Lombard won the BKFC cruiserweight title with a win over Joe Riggs earlier this year. He has been plying his trade in BKFC since leaving the UFC in 2018.

The former Olympic Judoka had been with the UFC since 2012. During his time in the Octagon he amassed a record of 3-8 (1 NC) notching wins over Jake Shields, Nate Marquardt and Rousimar Palhares.

Woodley was released from the UFC earlier this year after losing to Vicente Luque. He won the UFC welterweight title with a win over Robbie Lawler in 2016. He lost that belt to current champion Kamaru Usman in 2019. Woodley is currently preparing to make his pro boxing debut, opposite YouTuber Jake Paul on Showtime this August.