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Photos: Conor McGregor back in the gym following gruesome leg break at UFC 264

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After just 14 days since snapping his leg Conor McGregor returned to the gym.

At UFC 264 on July 10 former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor suffered a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier. That loss came as a result of a doctor’s stoppage due to McGregor sustaining a fractured tibia at the end of the first round.

McGregor’s immediate actions after that injury included screaming at the victor, and his wife, and threatening to have them killed in their sleep. McGregor later echoed those threats with desperate posts on social media.

Since those efforts to both secure a fourth fight with Poirier and rattle the American (something McGregor tried and failed at in the lead-up to the fight), McGregor appears to have switched gears.

His social media has recently been focused on self-aggrandising efforts. Those include showing off the revitalised Black Forge Inn in Dublin (site of McGregor’s scuffle with an alleged gang member in 2017) and the reception of a $3 million yacht.

Yesterday McGregor decided to share something that he’ll later use as part of the narrative for his ‘epic comeback’. On his Instagram he published a series of pictures showing him in the gym, leg cast and all.

Life is not about what happens to us. But how we handle what happens to us!Let’s go team, God Bless Still grinding!

The images include McGregor flexing his biceps, doing a chin up and doing abdominal crunches (while wearing a single leather loafer).

Based on his attire McGregor hit the gym the same day he hung out with Justin Bieber.