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‘I’ll run you all over’ - Dana White to ‘everybody that is afraid’ of COVID-19

Still apprehensive to return to full normalcy? Dana White has a special message for you.

Dana White was on Fox News again.
Dana White was on Fox News again.

Slowly but surely, the US is beginning to get back on its feet after more than a year since COVID-19 brought the country to its knees. Businesses are reopening, people are going out and about maskless, the economy is on a steady rise.

But as the new Delta variant sweeps across the nation and a vaccine hesitancy persists, a lot of people remain wary of returning to the “old normal.” And if you’re one of those who choose to err on the side of caution, UFC president Dana White has a message for you.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s blowing my mind,” White said recently in an interview on FOX News. “But you know what, everybody that’s slowing down, everybody that is afraid or whatever their reason is for not wanting to get back to work, not wanting to run their business, not wanting to get back to normal in full capacity… I’ll run you all over. I’ll run you over. No problem.”

White, who’s always prided himself for being ahead of the game throughout the pandemic, says it’s about time the rest of America steps back out into the world.

“There’s never been more opportunity out there than there is right now. I keep hearing about restaurants that can’t open all the way because they can’t get people to come into work. You can’t get an Uber because nobody wants to go back and drive Uber.

“It’s a very weird time in this country right now and people need to get back to work and things need to get back to normal as soon as possible.”

In 2021 alone, White and the UFC have led the charge in that return to normalcy. The past four PPV events were held at full capacity, with the most recent one being the second-highest selling card in history.

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