Revisiting JacksonWink Main event results 4 years later

In 2018 I posted this fighters showcasing the losing record in main events for JacksonWink fighters dating back to 2015 with a particularly bad 7-17-1 record from 2016 until the Cyborg vs Yana Kunitskaya bout. Now we will look at the main events since then and how they have performed.

2018 post Cyborg vs Yana1-1 (W: Jones L: Cerrone -his final with the team before going nuclear on them)

2019 2-1 (W: Jones, Jones L: Waterson)

2020 2-1 (W: Waterson, Holm L: Clark)

2021 0-1 (L: Waterson)

So they have a winning record over this 3 year period however the number of main events they are in is barely 30 percent of the total for the previous 3 years and weighted by Jon Jones being at the gym. With no more main events in sight this year I think it is safe to conclude after these last 5-6 years that long gone are the days of JacksonWink fighters being some of the best the UFC has to offer.

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