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UFC fighters react to Conor McGregor's wildest moments (video)

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See what McGregor's fellow fighters think about the Notorious one's over the top antics.

UFC Fighters React to Conor McGregor's antics

Conor McGregor returns to action next weekend at UFC 264 when he meets Dustin Poirier to complete a trilogy of fights with the ‘Diamond'.

But McGregor is ‘Notorious' for more than his exploits in the cage. The Irishman is also well known for his outrageous displays on the other side of the mesh.

He's punched an old man in a pub, thrown a dolly through a bus and turned numerous press conferences into absolute zoos.

The antics have helped McGregor become the biggest star in the sport, as well as open a path to riches unheard of for 99% of other mixed martial artists.

On our official YouTube channel, COMBAT CULTURE, we wanted to see what some of McGregor's fellow fighters thought about all these incidents.

Check the video above to see what Max Griffin, Andre Ewell and Pateick Cote had to say.

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