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Conor McGregor takes fans on drone tour of his ‘Black Forge Inn’

It’s not the bar where he punched that old man, but it is the site where he reportedly once scuffled with a member of the Kinahan mob.

It turns out that the Marble Arch pub where Conor McGregor clouted that old man for turning down his whiskey isn’t the only drinking establishment owned by the UFC superstar. Coincidentally, it’s also not the only bar where he got into a scuffle before purchasing the venue.

Way back in 2017, Irish tabloids reported that McGregor had gotten into a scrape with a Kinahan mob member at the Black Forge pub in south Dublin. The reports were roundly denied by McGregor and his father at the time, with no police reports filed, and fears of reprisals seemingly unfounded.

Whatever the veracity of that story may be, the SBG talent and former UFC double-champ recently released a video to his twitter account, taking fans on a drone tour of his soon-to-open establishment. None other than the Black Forge Inn.

Shortly after purchasing the Marble Arch back in April of this year, McGregor announced that Desmond Keogh, the man he was fined €1,000 for striking in 2019, was barred from the establishment. No word yet as to whether Keogh will be refused service at the Black Forge as well.