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UFC Vegas 31 video highlights: Islam Makhachev submits Thiago Moises with rear-naked choke

Check out the full video highlights of Islam Makhachev vs. Thiago Moises from the UFC Vegas 31 main event.

A meeting between No. 9 ranked Islam Makhachev and No. 14 ranked Thiago Moises in the main event of UFC Vegas 31 ended in a fourth-round submission courtesy of the Dagestani contender.

The fight began with both men trading leg kicks. Makhachev focused mainly on pressuring Moises as he kept him close to the cage for several minutes. Moises initiated a lot of the grappling exchanges, pressing Makhachev up against the cage in the clinch before dropping down to secure a takedown. However, Makhachev did not stay on the ground for very long and would quickly reverse position to gain top control.

It was much of the same strategy throughout the second and third rounds, but Moises was appearing to slow down as the minutes expired. Makhachev continued to keep the pressure up and that would ultimately lead to the slick rear-naked choke he sunk in on Moises in the fourth round.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of the fourth round of Islam Makhachev vs. Thiago Moises:

Moises with a straight right. Low inside leg kick too. Head kick from Makhacev is blocked. He dumps Moises to the mat. Moises immediately looks for a triangle but nothing there. Moises has his head against the cage while Makhachev lands a steady stream of strikes in close. Hard elbow. Moises pushes off and tries to scoot away but gives up his back. Same spot as the second round, turtle mode. Punches from Makhachev. He can’t sink the second hook so he just attacks the neck anyway. Wow the squeeze. Moises taps!