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‘I’m like flabbergasted’ - Logan Paul discusses his surprise call with Dana White before UFC 264

Logan Paul says he got a call out of the blue from UFC President Dana White.

It’s pretty obvious by now that UFC President Dana White is no fan of Jake Paul (and the feeling seems mutual). However, if older brother Logan Paul is to be believed, the animosity from White doesn’t extend to him.

Paul, whose exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather last month reportedly sold a million pay-per-views, recently revealed—on his Impaulsive Podcast—that White gave him a surprise phone call just before last weekend’s UFC 264.

“I answer, and I’m not sure what to expect,” Paul said (ht LowKick MMA). “Jake’s pissed him off, him and Jake have an ongoing feud.

“But I’ve come out publicly and said I love Dana White, always have always will, he’s a ruthless businessman, the head honcho, but I’m not sure how he feels about me. By default, my relationship with my brother will always take precedence but if I can be cool with someone I will.”

Paul then explained that White was calling regarding two tickets Paul had purchased for UFC 264 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. According to Paul, White offered a free upgrade on those tickets.

“‘These seats are in what’s called ‘billionaire’s row’, and he says I’ll have a much better experience, and I’m like flabbergasted and honoured. Dana White is accommodating me, this is fantastic, and I’m like ‘sure’, I told him ‘thanks Dana,’ and I hung up and Jake is like ‘that was weird’.”

When it comes to Jake Paul, White has taken every opportunity to denigrate the 3-0 pro boxer and his legitimacy as a combat sports athlete. Paul the Younger’s weapon of choice in his war or words with White is fighter pay.

Paul has repeatedly bashed White for not paying UFC stars enough money. Specifically Paul has highlighted how the UFC appears too cheap to meet the demands of UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.