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Dustin Poirier shows off his new ‘Sleepy McGregor’ chain, teases forthcoming auction

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Dustin Poirier has received his $100,000 gift from Jake Paul.

Dustin Poirier not only holds the reputation of a fearsome fighter inside the Octagon. He’s also known as a diligent philanthropist outside of the cage who, along with his wife Jolie Poirier, operates The Good Fight Foundation.

That charity’s mission includes raising funds to tackle issues like food insecurity, health care and environmental disaster relief in and around the Poiriers’ hometown of Lafayette, LA. In 2018 the charity expanded its reach by becoming a registered international nonprofit.

The charity’s initial source of funds came from Poirier auctioning off his worn fight kits. Those garments would fetch upwards of $10,000. Now, in the wake of UFC 264, Poirier and the foundation have an opportunity to raise perhaps more than ever thanks, in part, to none other than Jake Paul.

Soon Poirier will be auctioning off a one of a kind ‘Sleepy McGregor’ chain that Paul commissioned for $100,000. The chain includes a figurine of McGregor in a pose referencing the end of Poirier vs. McGregor 2. The knocked out version of McGregor is shown holding a bottle of NyQuil.

Paul had this piece commissioned in the days before UFC 264, as part of a trolling effort against McGregor. Paul, who has been persistent in mocking McGregor and calling for a fight with the former UFC champion, wore the chain when he attended UFC 264 last weekend.

After Poirier TKO’d McGregor for the second time this calendar year, Paul offered up the chain. Poirier, no doubt still irked from McGregor’s deplorable antics surrounding their most recent fight, gladly accepted.

And now, according to Instagram, Poirier has received the expensive trinket.

“Got the sleepy mac chain today from Jake Paul,” wrote Poirier. “I will be auctioning it off soon for The Good Fight Foundation.”

Poirier also noted that the chain will help “do something big for Lafayette.”

After seeing the chain had been received, Paul expressed his hope that the chain would raise $500,000. Paul added that this amount would “fulfill McGregor’s fake promises.” That line referenced the debacle around McGregor’s offer to give The Good Fight Foundation half a million dollars in the lead-up to UFC 257 in January. After that event had come and gone, Poirier put McGregor on blast for failing to deliver the promised donation.

After some back and forth McGregor eventually made a $500,000 to a separate charity based in Lafayette.