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Joe Rogan shares his theory for Conor McGregor’s leg break at UFC 264

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Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan reacted to the high profile injuries of Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently offered an explanation as to why we’ve seen an especially brutal year in MMA thus far. 2021 has included a number of high profile in cage injuries; most notably that includes Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman’s complete leg breaks at UFC 264 and UFC 261 respectively.

In addition to those ghastly injuries, the Octagon has also seen Jacare Souza break his arm and both Kanako Murata and Jamahal Hill suffer elbow injuries. There’s also been a number of grisly cuts this year.

On a recent episode of his podcast Rogan noted the unusual rate of broken bones in the Octagon.

“Here’s what’s really crazy,” started Rogan (ht bjpenn). “There have been so many fights in the UFC and to have all these breaks in a row. Jacare Souza had his arm broken, Chris Weidman got his leg broken. There’s been a ton of breaks over and over again. People are getting good at breaking people’s bones.”

Rogan then lingered on the Weidman injury and the incredible circumstances around it.

“The Chris Weidman one was a freak accident. The crazy thing is there have only been four leg breaks like that in the history of the UFC and Chris Weidman has been involved in two of them.

“The odds are insane. Anderson Silva threw a kick had he checked it and Anderson broke his leg. He threw it and Uriah Hall checked it and he broke his leg. Crazy. The odds of these things happening in this number are nuts.”

Weidman recently shared a conversation with Silva where he spoke about both their injuries and the fallout from them. That wholesome chat included Weidman apologizing for any perceived disrespect towards ‘The Spider’. On hearing that Silva kindly told his former opponent not to worry about that and explained that he has nothing but the warmest regards for the American and his family.

Weidman is expected to be out for at least a year with his injury. The former UFC middleweight champion has been blogging his rehab and recently showed that he has been able to get back into the gym.

McGregor is also expected to be out for a year.