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Conor McGregor’s claims of pre-existing injury shot down by Nevada Athletic Commission

Conor McGregor claims that stress fractures lead to broken leg at UFC 264 have taken another hit.

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Conor McGregor is currently recovering from surgery to fix a snapped tibia he suffered in the main event of UFC 264. It appeared as though, after a round in which Dustin Poirier dominated his rival, McGregor broke his leg when a kick of his collided against Poirier’s elbow.

Since that moment McGregor, along with issuing death threats against Poirier and his family, has sought to mitigate Poirier’s responsibility for the fight ending injury. McGregor’s story is that he injured his leg in training camp and that he went into the fight with stress fractures in the leg that would eventually break.

Mcgregor went further to say that the UFC and the UFC’s top doctor knew about this pre-existing condition. McGregor also shared pictures from his camp of his ankle receiving medical care.

The pics have already been debunked by an expert who claimed those images didn’t show anything that relates to the tibia fracture McGregor would suffer.

Recently the Nevada Athletic Commission also cast doubts over McGregor’s story. That body confirmed that they were not notified by McGregor, or anyone else, that the Irishman was heading into UFC 264 with a pre-existing medical condition (which fighters must disclose to the commission under threat of perjury, pet Erik Magraken/Combat Sports Law).

“If we ever knowingly had information a fighter wasn’t fit to fight, we wouldn’t let them compete,” said NAC executive director Bob Bennett to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It would go to a doctor and a doctor would make that decision as the expert.”

Neither the UFC nor the UFC’s top doctor Dr. Jeff Davidson responded to LVRJ’s requests for clarification on whether they knew about McGregor having stress fractures prior to the fight with Poirier.

After undergoing successful surgery to insert a metal rod in his leg, McGregor is expected to be out of action for around a year.