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Photo: Jessica Eye receives 13 stitches to close cut on forehead suffered at UFC 264

Jessica Eye needed a lot of stitches to close her…other eye. 

MMA: JUL 10 UFC 264 - Jessica Eye vs. Jennifer Maia.
Jessica Eye after her defeat to Jennifer Maia at UFC 264.
Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jessica Eye discovered how to unlock the power of her third eye on Saturday night and all it took was an accidental clash of heads. The power was temporary though, as the former flyweight title challenger has already received 13 (!) stitches to close the portal that opened up her sixth sense.

Eye met Jennifer Maia in quite the back-and-forth affair at UFC 264. Both women had their moments in the fight, but the biggest moment happened toward the end of the second round, where Eye and Maia clashed heads as they were exchanging. A cut opened up near the center of Eye’s forehead and it was a doozy. The blood that immediately poured out of the cut had free rein to paint Eye’s entire face in red and it only got worse by the end of the fight.

A bloodied Eye toughed it out and tried her best to finish her opponent, but it would not be enough and the judges’ scorecards were needed to determine the winner. Maia got the nod and Eye got some stitches following her valiant effort.

Eye addressed the loss to Maia in a video message posted on her social media and showed off her new stitches, albeit for a brief second.

“Hey guys, I just want to say thank you from my team to all my supporters,” said Eye (video courtesy of Alex Behunin). “We feel we got robbed. We’re gonna go back and check out the tape, but we appreciate everyone’s support. And holy [expletive] that was gnarly.”

For those who truly enjoy the gruesomeness of the sport and were left unsatisfied with such a quick flash of the injury, do not fret. UFC president Dana White posted a close-up of Eye after she got stitched up and it is indeed as gnarly as Eye so aptly described it.

Eye appears to be healing already, comparing her recuperation to that of notable X-Men mutant, Wolverine. Despite her belief that she won the fight against Maia, Eye is now on a three-fight losing streak. She previously lost by way of unanimous decision to both Cynthia Calvillo and Joanne Calderwood at UFC Vegas 2 and UFC 257 respectively.