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Jake Paul’s $100K ‘NyQuil Conor McGregor chain’ is heading to Dustin Poirier

Jake Paul’s $100,000 troll necklace is heading to the Poirier household.

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Jake Paul and his Conor McGregor pendant
The ‘NyQuil’ McGregor pendant has a new home.
Jake Paul/Instagram

On the eve of UFC 264 combat sports disruptor Jake Paul pulled off one of his most expensive trolls yet. After mocking McGregor’s pre-fight antics, which the 3-0 boxer said exposed the Irishman’s insecurities, Paul showed off a custom $100,000 pendant that depicted McGregor in a KO’d state after his second fight with Poirier. That pendant also featured McGregor holding a bottle of NyQuil.

After McGregor lost to Poirier via TKO (thanks to a broken leg) Paul hopped on the twitter machine and offered to send Poirier the expensive bauble. And, according to brief twitter exchange, it seems ‘The Diamond’ has accepted that gift.

“Send it over,” wrote the new UFC lightweight title challenger.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Poirier would want to bask in the glory of finishing McGregor twice this calendar year. Heading into the fight McGregor repeatedly crossed the line of sportsmaniship and decency in failed attempts to rattle his opponent.

Among those attempts was McGregor claiming he wanted to literally kill Poirier in the cage and that the American would be leaving the contest on a stretcher. Of course it would end up as McGregor leaving the cage on a stretcher.

McGregor also dedicated some of his pre-fight trash talk with speculative and desperate claims regarding Poirier’s wife.

McGregor’s antics only intensified after he was downed and defeated on the canvas on Saturday night. Ringside cameras caught ‘Notorious’ yelling at the victor, and his wife, that he was going to kill them in their sleep. Those threats included McGregor making a gun gesture with his hand.

Poirier has stated that a fourth fight with McGregor will happen, either in the cage or “on the sidewalk”. But it is expected that he will face Charles Oliveira for the UFC lightweight title at the end of the year.