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Ronda Rousey praises Conor McGregor’s actions after UFC 264 loss to Poirier

Ronda Rousey says she’s “amazed” with how Conor McGregor reacted after UFC 264.

While most people were critical of Conor McGregor’s actions after losing to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, Ronda Rousey was apparently “amazed” with how he handled things. The former face of women’s MMA praised McGregor and how he was supposedly “promoting” a fourth match up despite the gruesome leg injury.

“I’m amazed that as soon as you hit the ground you were already promoting the next fight @TheNotoriousMMA - I def wouldn’t have had the mind to do that,” Rousey wrote. “The other fighters, @ufc and media are lucky to have you.”

McGregor also responded to thank Rousey.

McGregor’s post-fight interview had him claiming he was winning the fight and outboxing Poirier, despite stats showing otherwise and two judges giving Poirier a 10-8 score. Perhaps more noteworthy, an irate McGregor again involved Poirier’s wife in his obscene and classless rant. This was a follow up to his various crass comments and posts about how Dustin’s wife “wants to see the hair around my d—k and balls.

Poirier said “dirt bag” McGregor went too far with his statements, while Dana White also denounced this by telling him to leave people’s family and wives out of it.

Does Rousey think that’s all just an act to promote a future fourth fight? That wouldn’t exactly explain the new cageside footage showing McGregor repeatedly saying he’d kill Poirier “in your sleep” while the official microphones and cameras weren’t on him. Or perhaps Rousey just thinks this is all acceptable?