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Conor McGregor invokes Scarface in first comments after UFC 264 loss, leg break

McGregor’s first public words the day after his loss to Poirier might be more apt than he realizes.

Conor McGregor suffered a first round defeat to Dustin Poirier last night at UFC 264. The loss, resulting from an apparent ankle injury, was ruled a TKO—giving Poirier two TKO wins over the Irishman this year.

The injury to McGregor forced the ‘Notorious’ needing to be stretched out of the arena. Prior to the fight, McGregor had threatened he was going to literally murder Poirier in the cage and that the American would be the one needing a stretcher.

Immediately after the fight, before he was removed, McGregor ranted and raved about the contest and Poirier and did his best to keep up the shtick he had been running all week. Now, the day after the contest, McGregor has released a short statement regarding what went down.

On Instagram he wrote simply, “You need people like me.’

McGregor is likely quoting the movie Scarface here and the film’s protagonist Tony Montana, a refugee turned coke baron who finishes the movie dying in a hail of bullets.

In case you haven’t seen the over-long and, frankly, overrated movie Montana is a character who endures an early life of struggle before he finds success in brash and brutal fashion. However, Montana’s success soon turns to excess as he desires more and more wealth and influence. The excess crests when Montana begins ‘getting high on his own supply’, which inevitably leads to his downfall.