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Dustin Poirier says ‘dirt bag’ Conor McGregor went too far, repeated murder threats after UFC 264 loss

Dustin Poirier wasn’t a fan of Conor McGregor’s threats in the lead-up to UFC 264.

Dustin Poirier had Conor McGregor handled in their third fight at UFC 264. ‘The Diamond’ dominated the first round before McGregor suffered a leg injury that would ultimately end the contest.

After the fight, Poirier told Joe Rogan that McGregor got what he deserved in there and that the Irishman’s trash talk leading up to this contest had crossed the line.

“I can take, you know, the trash talk,” he said (ht bjpenn). “Like there’s no holds barred with the trash talk, right? But murder is something you don’t clown around [about] and you know, there’s no coming back from that. And this guy was saying he was gonna murder me and all kinds of stuff. He was telling me he was gonna kill me tomorrow. I’m gonna leave here in a coffin. You don’t talk like that to people, man. I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family.”

Before this fight McGregor had repeatedly claimed he was going to kill Poirier inside the Octagon. His desperate trash talk also included calling Poirier a corpse and insinuating that Poirier’s wife wanted to have an affair with him.

“This guy is a dirt bag, man,” continued Poirier. “I mean, dude, you know, karma’s not a bitch, she’s a mirror! And you know, this guy has pressed and said the wrong shit and I’ve been busting my ass.”

In the post-fight press conference Poirier reiterated that he thought McGregor went too far when hyping this fight. He also said there was some even harsher trash talk that we aren’t yet privy to.

Dustin Poirier Reacts To Conor McGregor Win, Declares ‘We Are Going To Fight again’ | UFC 264

“Conor said some nasty stuff that didn’t make it on Embedded,” said Poirier (ht MMA Junkie). “Maybe when the behind-the-scenes for this fight airs, you’ll see him on the ground still saying some really bad stuff. But even that stuff being said, I don’t wish serious harm like that on nobody. The guy’s got kids. I want him to go home safe to his family. I pray before these fights. Every time before I walk through that octagon door, I’m praying not for me to win. I’m praying that we both get out of there safe. I know what I’m going to try to do to him and I know what he’s going to try to do with me.”

“We are going to fight again whether it’s in the octagon or on the sidewalk,” continued Poirier. “You don’t say the stuff he said. … My wife is solid as a rock. I’m not worried about that. That’s noise. He was saying he was going to kill me. You don’t say stuff like that – that he was going to murder me. You don’t say stuff like that. You don’t say stuff about people’s wives either, but I know that that’s zero-chance. There is a chance somebody could die. You don’t say that. You don’t wish that on anybody.”

Poirier further claimed that McGregor’s death threats continued after the fight was over.

“I hope they show that behind-the-scenes stuff, man. He was still sitting on the ground, still saying I’m going to kill you, putting his hands to his head like a gun. Like bro, chill out! Chill out.

“I’m trying my best to not take this personal,” he said. “but you don’t say that type of shit to people. You don’t say that you’re going to kill somebody. I don’t take that lightly.”

Poirier, McGregor and UFC President Dana White have all expressed desires to see the fight happen a fourth time. However, Poirier said McGregor needs some wins at lightweight before that happens. Now it is expected that Poirier will face UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira before the end of the year.