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‘This is not over!’ - Conor McGregor claims he was boxing Poirier’s ‘head off’ before injury

Watch Conor McGregor’s angry post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

Conor McGregor is already itching to fight Dustin Poirier again. After the anticlimactic end of UFC 264, “The Notorious” still wants a piece of “The Diamond,” either inside a UFC cage or in the streets.

“I was boxing the bleeding head off of him, kicking the bleeding leg off of him… This is not over,” McGregor told Joe Rogan in a post-fight interview as he nurses a leg injury. “If we have to take this outside with him it’s on. I don’t give a bollocks!”

Things got so heated, that McGregor once again dragged Dustin’s wife Jolie in his post-fight tirade.

“Your wife was in me DMs! Hey baby, hit me back and we’ll check you later on!”

Around this time, the cameras were on Dustin as he was being escorted by UFC security. What wasn’t seen on live TV was Jolie’s message to “The Notorious.”

Poirier welcomes the idea of a possible scuffle with McGregor outside the confines of the UFC cage.

“We are gonna fight again, whether it’s in the Octagon or in the sidewalk,” Poirier said. “You don’t say the stuff you said.”

According to UFC president Dana White, Poirier will be the first challenger of reigning undisputed 155-pound champion, Charles Oliveira.