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Jake Paul trolls ‘Mystic Mac’ Conor McGregor for predicting they’d need a stretcher at UFC 264

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Jake Paul continues to troll Conor McGregor after he lost to Dustin Poirier again.

Jake Paul has constantly trolled Conor McGregor on social media, and it was predictable that he would only ramp it up after the former champion sustained back-to-back losses to Dustin Poirier. Speaking of predictions, he did take a shot at “Mystic Mac” for promising that a stretcher will be needed after UFC 264.

McGregor earlier predicted that he’d “kill” Poirier and will need to be stretchered out of UFC 264, only for him to be the one carried out after being injured and dominated.

Paul, who is pretty good at getting reactions out of people, of course had other tweets jabbing at the UFC star throughout the contest.

Paul previously put out a video offering McGregor a “$50 million contract with proof of funds” to face him in a boxing match. After his loss to Poirier earlier in the year, he trolled McGregor saying that his offer has since dropped to just $10,000. The YouTuber turned boxer now says he has a new final offer.