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UFC 264 results: Irene Aldana brutally batters Yana Kunitskaya in TKO stoppage

Irene Aldana just viciously stopped Yana Kunitskaya in the first round on the UFC 264 PPV main card.

The UFC 264 PPV main card continues on in the women’s bantamweight division where the #4 rated, Irene Aldana, put the stamp on the #5 ranked, Yana Kunitskaya, in the first-round. Aldana first dropped Yana with a gorgeous check hook, and then proceeded to pulverize her dizzy adversary with a vicious onslaught of ground strikes. Irene has now won three matches in a row, and in her post-fight interview she expressed her desire for the title, but also mentioned that she didn’t want to rush it.

Kunitskaya started hot, launching combos at Aldana and being first. Aldana clinched up, and Kunitskaya came out of the position with a busted nose. From there, Aldana took the center of the cage and started to work her boxing. Then, a slick check hook from Aldana dropped Kunitskaya. A barrage of ground strikes came pouring down on top of a dazed Kunitskaya. She tried to weather the storm, but Aldana was on a mission. The ground and pound didn’t stop until it was clear to the referee that Kunitskaya was done.

Irene Aldana def. Yana Kunitskaya by TKO at 4:35 of round 1: (W) Bantamweight