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UFC 264 results and video: Sean O’Malley scores standing TKO on ultra-durable Kris Moutinho

On the UFC 264 main card, Sean O’Malley stopped an ultra-tough Kris Moutinho late in the third round.

The UFC 264 main card is in progress, and the ever-popular Sean O’Malley earned himself a standing TKO on a wildly durable Kris Moutinho late in the third round. O’Malley threw everything he had at his adversary, and landed most of them, but somehow Moutinho was able to absorb the punishment and continue to pressure forward. Then with about 30-seconds to go, the referee elected to step in and stop the fight when Moutinho was getting peppered, but still hanging tough. It was also pretty darn impressive how well the gas tank of O’Malley held up. It’s not easy to throw that sort of volume, let alone while being so accurate, all while constantly being pressured.

Main card:

Sean O’Malley def. Kris Moutinho by TKO at 4:33 of round 3: Bantamweight

Moutinho looked to push the pace right away, but O’Malley was sniping from the outside. O’Malley was dinking his opponent with crisp straight punches as Moutinho rushed in with wild punches. O’Malley scored a knockdown with a left hand, and then did a little showboating before landing a bunch more straights. Moutinho was not discouraged and kept coming forward behind his looping haymakers. Terminator mode was activated for Moutinho, who ate a ton of punches before finally going down from a right cross.

Moutinho pressured right away in the second round, but O’Malley kept sticking him with clean straight punches. It really was impressive how many flush strikes Moutinho was able to absorb and keep pressing forward. The final frame saw more of the same. Moutinho brought his pressure, kept throwing, but was still eating a bunch more clean counters. Then, O’Malley started to turn it up, flurrying until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.