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Odds: Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul prop bets include low blows, bleeding body parts, biting

Check out these crazy prop bets for upcoming boxing exhibition between the great Floyd Mayweather and crafty content creator Logan Paul.

This Sunday (June 6th) will see 50-0 boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, compete in an exhibition bout against YouTuber turned boxer, Logan Paul. Since no official winner is supposed to be declared, most of the -900 Floyd and +500 Logan straight up moneylines have been suspended. Fret not, though, for there are ample proposition bets to be wagered upon, ranging from the strange to the tame.

Online gambling site has a wide array exotic wagers to choose from, including your standard ‘first to bleed’ prop. Sporting a massive -600 betting line, Paul is definitely expected to shed plasma before a boxing G.O.A.T. The Mayweather to bleed first option clocks in with a sizable underdog value of +350. Mayweather is actually favored to not bleed at all, and that prop holds a moneyline of -400, with yes Floyd will bleed at an underdog value of +250. Yes Logan will need is favored at -150, with a slight +110 underdog value on the no option.

You can actually go a step further and wager on which part of Logan’s body will actually bleed first. I’m not making this up! His lip is favored at +175, followed by his Eye/Socket/Brow at +200, and then the nose at +250. From there, you have the ear at +400, any other area on head/neck for +500, along with anywhere below neck equally valued at +500. For some reason, the cheek has been deemed the least likely part to bleed first, and holds the largest dog tag on the body at +600.

Some of the stranger props can be found under the ‘What will happen first?’ lines. Paul delivers low blow has been listed at somewhat likely odds of +300. Jake Paul enters ring during fight is only at +1000. Oh, and then we have the biting odds. Paul bites Mayweather can be found at a massive +5000 underdog tick, with Mayweather bites Paul even more unfathomable at +6600.

Check out these Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight props, courtesy of

Which fighter will bleed first?

Floyd Mayweather +350

Logan Paul -600

Will Floyd Mayweather bleed?

Yes +250

No -400

Will Logan Paul bleed?

Yes -150

No +110

Which part of Paul will bleed first?

Lip/Mouth +175

Eye/Socket/Brow +200

Nose +250

Ear +400

Any other area on head/neck +500

Anywhere below neck +500

Cheek +600

What will happen first?

Paul loses mouthpiece +200

Mayweather loses mouthpiece +300

Paul delivers low blow +300

Mayweather delivers low blow +500

Both fighters knocked down +600

Either fighter be knocked unconscious +700

Either fighter admitted to hospital +1000

Jake Paul enters ring during fight +1000

Logan Paul gets tooth knocked out +2800

Mayweather gets tooth knocked out +3300

Paul bites Mayweather +5000

Mayweather bites Paul +6600

Will fighters touch gloves before opening bell?

Yes +170

No -250

Will the fight go the distance?

Yes +200

No -300

Will the fight end in the first round?

Yes +300

No -500

Will the fight end in the first three rounds?

Yes +150

No -200

Which fighter will be knocked down first?

Logan Paul -1000

Floyd Mayweather +550

Will Logan Paul be knocked down?

Yes -350

No +225

Will Floyd Mayweather be knocked down?

Yes +550

No -1000

Will either fighter be knocked down?

Yes -375

No +240

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