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Jake Paul, Triller drop hefty sums on UFC flyweight Sarah Alpar’s crowdfunding efforts

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A fighter in need now has the chance to keep her dream alive courtesy of an internet star and a UFC competitor.

Jake Paul at the press conference for Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather
Putting that Askren money to good use
Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

After taking to social media to request financial aid to further her fighting career, UFC flyweight Sarah Alpar got a massive surprise. Her initial goal for her crowd funding was for a mere $1,000, but two new unlikely new benefactors have arrived to help make things better.

Of all people, it was Jake Paul that first took to Twitter to not only put the UFC on blast, but show a gesture of fighter solidarity with the UFC flyweight:

SMH… Imagine a rookie in the NBA had to start a GoFundMe to play.. I let Sarah @TOOSWEET_Alpar know she has my support and contribution It’s my honor and privilege to help fellow fighters in anyway I can.

It wasn’t just talk, the donation is clearly visible here:

Jake Paul’s donation as listed on Alpar’s GoFundMe page

As of late, Paul has basically taken every opportunity possible to not only demand better pay for MMA fighters across the board, but taken personal shots at UFC president Dana White in the process. Paul has lambasted the White and UFC for their business practices, including their restrictive contracts and low fight purses.

In the meantime, Alpar expressed her gratitude on the GoFundMe page:

Alpar’s update

Wow. Wow. I am blown away by what is happening right now and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, everyone, for your support, and Jake Paul for contributing and getting the word out about my fund. You are all helping make my dreams a reality. I want to thank each donor personally and respond to several of your social comments. Please be patient as I have training and homework to do, too!! But I will respond. I am beside myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I believe we can reach the 30K goal, and I am here to show up and fight like all of you have shown up for me! Let’s do this!!

This was later followed by more donations that came in shortly thereafter, including this whopper in the form of $25,000, putting her over the $30,000 goal.

Big drop in the bucket
And the bucket is now full

This massive sum appears to be from Triller, who declared their support for Alpar shortly after Gotcha Hat did:

“We are honored to help Sarah as she continues her march towards becoming a world champion”, said Peter Kahn, Triller’s chief boxing officer. “Sarah and many underpaid UFC fighters are starting at a disadvantage when they have to work multiple other jobs while putting their bodies and brains through the most rigorous training one can imagine. It’s sad to see such talented fighters making less than the UFC ring/round card girls.”

While it does feel a bit odd to have figures that are as problematic (for more than just childish antics) as Jake Paul, and a direct UFC competitor, donating the funds, it offers help to someone in need and a could maybe be a catalyst for even slightly better conditions and pay for fighters. Whether or not those changes happen, it won’t hinge on just one situation like this, but it’s a noteworthy part of things.

Paul may be known for his big mouth, but he’s putting his money where that mouth is. As is Triller.