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Details from Tyron Woodley’s ‘multi-million dollar’ contract include Jake Paul rematch clause

Details from Woodley’s boxing contract have been revealed.

The Titan Games - Season 2 Photo by: Steve Dietl/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Tyron Woodley is set to make big money on his boxing match against Jake Paul.

The former UFC welterweight champion’s manager, Malki Kawa revealed some of the details of his “multi-million dollar” contract. Kawa says he has a good relationship with Paul’s adviser Nakisa Bidarian, who used to be the CFO of the UFC and CEO of Fertitta Capital, and it helped during negotiations.

“In this case, I worked with Nakisa, I worked with Stephen Espinoza, I gave them what I was looking for,” Kawa told MMA Fighting. “We worked back and forth for a good amount of time. S—t got ugly sometimes, other times it was pleasant. We just got to a point where we felt comfortable with it and Jake is probably making the lion’s share of the money, which he is, but nonetheless Tyron, this is a real good day for him.”

Ben Askren reportedly received $500,000 for the bout against Paul, but also noted how he didn’t receive a cut of the pay-per-view. Woodley has secured a much better deal, with his manager confirming his statements about this being the “biggest purse” of his career.

“He’s getting paid really well,” Kawa said about Woodley’s contract. “It’s one of the best deals I’ve ever done. For a guy in his situation, it was a tremendous deal. He’s getting a large base number. He’s getting a cut of the pay-per-view globally. He’s participating in a lot of different things. He should walk away with a multi-million dollar payday. His base guarantee is in the millions already. Add on all the extra stuff, it’s a really nice payday.

“He definitely got paid in his base guarantee more than he ever did in the UFC, whether as a champion or non-champion, that’s a fact yes,” Kawa said.

Bloody Elbow’s business expert John Nash also confirmed this career high purse. To put things into perspective, according to sources, Woodley made close to $3 million during his title defense at UFC 205. Woodley’s PPV cut there was also bolstered by the event having McGregor-Alvarez as the headliner.

Another detail that Kawa revealed is that a rematch clause was added to this boxing contract against Paul, potentially setting up two big paydays for Woodley if he manages to win against the 3-0 fighter.

“Jake Paul’s team negotiated an automatic rematch clause,” Kawa revealed. “That’s how much this is a scary fight to them. If we win this fight, if Jake Paul wants it, then we have to run it back with him.”

Woodley, 39, will face the 24-year-old YouTuber-turned-boxer on August 28. The PPV bout will be carried by Showtime (now that Paul has left Triller), and it will be contested at 190 lbs.