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‘I already beat you’ - UFC’s Jorge Masvidal called out by bare knuckle champ

MMA veteran turned bare knuckle boxer Luis Palomino wants to rematch the UFC star Jorge Masvidal in the ring.

UFC Fighter Reacts to Bare Knuckle Fighting

Newly crowned BKFC lightweight champion Luis Palomino used his post-fight interview at BKFC 18 to call out Jorge Masvidal for a rematch.

Palomino defeated Tyler Goodjohn by a shutout unanimous decision this past weekend, improving his bare knuckle record to 4-0. An MMA veteran of 43 fights, Palomino defeated Masvidal by split decision at a G-Force Fights event back in 2010.

“So check this out, right. If you want your rematch, remember I beat you in (2010) eight pounds heavy. If you want your rematch — I know you’re on the top of the UFC, I know — but, I’ve seen Dave Feldman corner some people in a boxing match. So I’ll represent BKFC and you can represent the UFC and I’ll give you the rematch in the boxing ring with the respect and with Dave Feldman’s permission,” Palomino said after defeating Goodjohn.

It seems unlikely that the BKFC champ Palomino will rematch Masvidal anytime soon. Both men compete for different promotions, Palomino has never had a boxing fight and Masvidal has only stepped in the ring once.

Masvidal (35-13) is coming off a KO loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 261 in April. Meanwhile, Palomino (26-17) has lost his last four fights in MMA.